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Tech & Toast breakfasts provide an amazing opportunity to network with the Roanoke-Blacksburg region’s movers and shakers before you start the work day. These events alternate between Roanoke and Blacksburg and always feature speakers discussing the most relevant topics concerning the region’s technology community. Tech & Toast breakfast’s provide the best opportunity to connect with a wide range of business leaders and to showcase your own talents. To learn more about upcoming Tech & Toast topics and speakers, please visit our events calendar.

Previous Tech & Toast speakers and topics:


January – RBTC Annual Membership Meeting | March – Unmanned Systems Technology – Helping Drive Regional Growth, presented by Nanci Hardwick (CEO of Aeroprobe Corporation), Jon Greene (Associate Director of Strategic Development, VT Institute for Critical Technology and Applied Science), Peter Anderson (Dean of Business and Technologies, New River Community College) | May – Member Showcase, featuring: Industrial Biodynamics, Management Stack, Eksdyne Research, Synthonics, Inc. | July – Strengthening Innovation Partnerships, featuring: Dr. Michael Friedlander (Founding Executive Director, Virginia Tech Carilion Research Institute and Vice President for Health Sciences and Technology, Virginia Tech), Don Halliwill (Executive Vice President, Chief Financial Officer for Carilion Clinic), Chris Morrill (Roanoke City Manager) |


January – RBTC Annual Membership Meeting | February – Shift to Mobile, presented by Matthew Sams (Firefli) and Brad Gignac (Rackspace) | March – Regional Technology Showcase, with Montgomery County Public Schools, Red Canary, and Vision Point Systems | April – Panel: Telling the Technology Story, with Thomas Becher (ND&P), David Kaplan (WDBJ 7), Mary Miller (IDD), Tony Pearman (Access), and Chris West (The Roanoke Times) | June – Overcoming Challenges, presented by Joe Tatum and Mark Vinson (Silverback Innovations) and Jay Foster (SoftSolutions) | August– Talent Development and Recruitment Panel, with Kathy Claytor (Corvesta), Rob Way (Carilion), Alec Siegel (Siegel Link), Stuart Mease (Virginia Tech), and Karen Edmunds (Montgomery County) | November– Fostering a Positive Company Culture– Panelists Robert McAden, Paula Wilder, and Dan Hughes


January – Connections: Why they are important, how to make them, and how to maintain them, presented by Richard Hammer, and Building the Right Team, presented by Andrew McCauley | February – Regional Technology Showcase, with Advance Auto, JPI, and NetVentures | March – Social Media: Is It Worth It?, presented by Betsy Parkins, Greg Brock, Rachel Doyle, Kelcey Flynn, and Caitlyn Scaggs | April – Leading Change: The Value of Change Management, presented by Susan Campbell and Kathy Claytor (Corvesta) and Steve Grant (Modea) June – Regional Technology Showcase, with Polymer Solutions and Rackspace | July – Make Money With Your Ears: How Listening to Your Customers Can Drive Business, presented by Jonathan Hagmaier (Interactive Achievement) and Anthony Robinson (NewCity) | October – Agile Analytics: The Secret to Test, Improve, Fail & Succeed Quickly, presented by Zach Williams (Venveo) | November – How Technology, Art, and Science Come Together to Create Successful Business, presented by Alexander Obenauer (Mindsense) and Dr. Benjamin Knapp (ICAT) | December – Regional Technology Showcase, with Dr. Lorraine Lang (Roanoke County Schools), Henry Bass (Automation Creations, Inc.), Parker Pearson (Advanced Logic Industries)


January – Core Values – Defining, Integrating, and Managing Gaps, presented by Richard Hammer (Interactive Achievement) |  February – Panel: Lighting the Way to the Future | March – Reading Your Mind: How to Decode the Brain Mid-Thought, presented by Dr. Stephen LaConte (Virginia Tech Carilion Research Institute) | April – It Takes A Village: Building an Innovation & Entrepreneurial Ecosystem, presented by Jack Lesko (Virginia Tech) | June -LinkedIn Live | July – IT Disaster Recovery: Is your business prepared for the next natural disaster?, presented by Neathawk Dubuque & Packett and Advanced Logic Industries |  August – The Future of Television: How New Technology is Changing the Way We Watch TV, presented by Nick Tunny (SimulTV) |  October – Going Global: From Local to International Success, presented by Paul Grossman (Virginia Economic Development Partnership) | November – Regional Technology Showcase, with Aeroprobe, Card Isle, Origo, and VPT | December – The Keys to Innovation: How Thinking Outside the Box and Company Culture Fuel Success, presented by Jason Bingham and Ryan Hagan


January – Help Wanted:Searching for a Unicorn, presented by Richard Hammer | February – Strategies for Maximizing the Value of Your Business, presented by Brian Keane (Seabrook Partners LLC) | March – It Takes a Village to Raise a Start-up, presented by TechPad, MoGo Mobile, and Sans Seriph Design | April – From Start-up to Global…with HQ in Roanoke, presented by Bonz Hart (Meridium) | June – Envisioning the Future: How PixelOptics Plans to Transform the Vision Care Industry, presented by Brett Craig (PixelOptics) | July – Inventing the Future: Developing New Technologies for Noninvasive Modulation of Brain Function, presented by Dr. Jamie Tyler (VTCRI) | August – Introducing the ICAT: Research & Industrial Partnership at the Intersection of Art, Design, Engineering, & Science, presented by Dr. Benjamin Knapp, (ICAT and Virginia Tech) | October – Panel: Tech, Team, Traction | November – Leadership: Leading an Entrepreneurial Enterprise, presented by Davis Smith ( | December – The Age of Digital Marketing, presented by Andrew McCauley (Kollmorgen)


January – 100 Miles per Gallon (and Beyond!), presented by Brad Jaeger (Edison2)|  February – Where Does the Money Go?, presented by Randy Foley (Nicus Software, Inc.) | March – Spark the Fire: DayOne Ventures Aims to Convert Ideas Into Start-ups in Blacksburg, presented by Doug Juanarena (DayOne Ventures and GenTek Ventures) and Frederick Cook (Heyo) | April – Innovating for Children’s Health Is There A Role For You?, presented by Andre A Muelenaer, Jr. (Pediatric Medical Device Institute) June – Helping Uncle Sam Understand Technology Isn’t Easy, presented by Charlie McBride (Capital Technology Group) | July – Investment Payoff #1: Leadership Development, presented by Greg Richardson (Dixon Hughes Goodman) | August – Financial Resources for Early Stage Tech Companies in Virginia, presented by Tom Weithman (Center for Innovative Technology) and Mark Herzog (VA Biotechnology Assoc.) | October – Jobenomics, presented by Chuck Vollmer (President VII Inc.) | November – Panel: Impact of the New Patent Law: An Overview of the America Invents Act, with Shelley Jones (LeClair Ryan), Matthew Latimer (Greenblum & Bernstein), and Katie Horvath (Creekmore Law) | December – Alignment and Accountability: Maximizing the Potential of Your Team, presented by Steve Kimball (The Chasm Group)


January – Uncle Sam Needs You, presented by Kristofer Parker (Small Business Naval Surface Warfare Center) | February – ADM Micro: A Star on the Horizon, presented by Mark Vinson (ADM Micro) | March – Cultivating Organizational Innovation and Creativity, presented by Rory Falato (Market and Products) | May – Brute Strength, Ignorance, and a Good Wife, presented by Jonathan Hagmaier (Interactive Achievement, Inc.) | June – A Systematic Approach to Results, presented by Andrew McCauley (Kollmorgen) |  July – Biomedical Research: A Startup Catalyst, presented by Dr. Michael Friedlander (VT Carilion Research Institute) | August – Rebuilding the Plane While Flying It, presented by John Schott (Tele-Works, Inc.) | October – Talent Management is Critical, presented by Marisa Keegan (Modea) | November – ISO Insights for Innovators, presented by Roy D’Ardenne (D’Ardenne Associates) |  December – Project Management “Philosophies” for Growing Organizations, presented by Daniel Markham (Bedford Technology Group)


January – What Really Happens to Your E-waste?, presented by Joe Clayton (Synergy Recycling, LLC) | February – Going Global: Opportunities for Your Company, presented by Paul H. Grossman, Jr., (The Virginia Economic Development Partnership) | March – Business Intelligence: Big Results with a Small Budget, presented by Jeff Pittges (Radford University) | April – Strategic Energy Initiatives at Virginia Tech, presented by Donald J. Leo (Virginia Tech) | June – Panel: Effective Marketing, Advertising and Public Relations, with Thomas Becher (tba PR & Advertising), John Carlin (Access Advertising and Public Relations), and Ernest DelBuono (Neathawk, Dubuque & Packett) | July – Creating Value with the VT Midas Institute, presented by Rob Slee (Midas Nation) | August – Neurons, Networks & Net Worth, presented by William H. Sanders (Arts Initiative at Virginia Tech) | November – 81 Reasons to Connect, presented by Jay Foster (Roanoke Creative Connectors Initiative) | December – Making the Most of Your NCTC Membership, presented by Cory Donovan (NCTC Executive Director)


January – Inventions, Partnerships, and Possibilities: How Virginia Tech is Inventing the Future by Creating Business Opportunities from Scientific Innovation, presented by Mark Coburn (Virginia Tech Intellectual Properties) | February – Dancing with the Gorilla: The Webmail-Rackspace Merger, presented by Ben Hubbard (Mailtrust) | March – Team Victor Tango: Who’s at the Wheel?, presented by Michael Fleming (TORC Technologies) | April – An Explanation of the SAFETY Act, presented by Bruce Davidson (Department of Homeland Security) | June – Collaborating with Virginia Tech, presented by Chris Cornelius (The Institute for Critical and Applied Science at Virginia Tech) | July – High Tech Strategy, Are You Competing Blind?, presented by Daryl Scott (Attaain, Inc.) |  August – Thinking About Green, presented by Sean McGinnis (VT Green Engineering Program) | September – Innovative Principles in Product Development, presented by Kevin Creehan (Schultz-Creehan) | November – Panel: The Current Financial Market and Its Impact on Innovation in the NewVa Region | December – How Small Tech Companies can do Business with Local & State Governments, presented by Daniel “Bud” Oakey (Advantus Strategies, LLC)

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