A six-month program from the RBTC for emerging leaders in technology companies focused on leadership practices that drive organizational success.

Core Advance’s central mission is to help emerging leaders who have direct reports achieve greater success. Core Advance’s learning experiences, led by regional experts, are designed to maximize applications. Morning modules focus on practices that help ensure that leaders are bringing out the best in their colleagues – Relational Intelligence. Afternoon modules focus on practices that elevate leaders’ thinking beyond effective performance in their own functional area to company-wide success – Executive Excellence. Lunch & Learns, led by experienced experts, will offer participants opportunities to enrich their business savvy and broaden participants’ regional networks.




Are you a strategic human resources professional in a technology company? Are you looking for a strong and supportive learning environment that can help you make an impact on your organization’s continual change, growth, and success? If so, please consider participating in our HR Roundtable.

RBTC Peer Roundtables



RBTC Peer Roundtables are marked by challenging, rigorous, confidential, business-focused, and empathetic comments that improve a company leader’s decision-making. These confidential conversations provide a place for peers to discuss issues they are facing and share best practices.

CEO Roundtable Members of the CEO Roundtables are the top executive, CEO, or President of an entity with an aggressive growth strategy. These individuals are past the early career stage, scaling up from revenues of $1M.

Mission To provide a forum where smart, thoughtful, and dedicated peers at the CEO-level gain new insights into strategic issues that are impacting their ability to adapt and transform their organizations for growth and success.

CIO Roundtable
 Members of the CIO Roundtable are the chief information officers from their respective organizations. Members include CIOs from private industry, education, and local government.

Mission To provide a forum where CIOs gain new insights, share best practices, and tackle issues that are impacting their ability to adapt and transform their organization.

Higher-Ed Entre Roundtable
 Members of the Higher-Ed Entre Roundtable are those responsible for spurring the growth of student entrepreneurship at their respective college or university.

Mission To provide a forum where representatives from our region’s higher education institutions discuss best practices for advancing student entrepreneurship from across the region. 


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