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RBTC Member Communities are an opportunities for professionals to come together and become more engaged. There are three types of communities members can be a part of, with varying levels of engagement: forums, committees, and peer groups.

Forums are at the most basic level of engagement. They provide an opportunity for professionals with common interests to come together for presentations and discussions. Current forums include Product Owners, WoTech, Life Sciences, and Business Development.

RBTC committees are small groups of RBTC members that have a similar mission. Committee members experience even more engagement with the RBTC and its membership. Current committees include Talent Development & Recruitment, Entrepreneur Development, and Tech Matters.

The highest level of engagement with the RBTC can be experienced in RBTC peer groups, which are small, invitation only groups that that are moderated by the CEO or paid individuals. There are peer groups for CEOs, CIOs, and higher education and entrepreneurs. For more information on how you can get plugged in with RBTC Member Communities, contact us.

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