Marketing by Design: Leveraging Behavioral Psychology to Build Brand Loyalty

Presented by Robyn Jones, COO & Chief Marketing Officer at Joba


Think of all the fast-food brands that use the colors red or yellow. The use of these specific colors is not a coincidence, but a conscious marketing decision based on behavioral psychology. The colors red and yellow evoke a feeling of hunger. Similarly, the color blue evokes a feeling of innovation and trust, which is why many technology companies (IBM, Microsoft, Google, Salesforce, Facebook, etc.) use the color blue.

In this presentation Robyn Jones, of Joba, will explore the ways that influential businesses benefit from behavioral psychology in their brand presence and consequent subconscious brand loyalty. Behaviorism strategies will be broken down into tangible takeaways for developing a compelling brand that increases marketability.


Robyn Jones, COO and Chief Marketing Officer at Joba, leads a team of 10+ creative, marketing and communication professionals.  A reliable, persistent, and results-driven professional with a passion for helping others achieve their full potential, Robyn thrives under pressure and possesses a unique combination of innovative, creative branding, and analytics skills. Robyn is eager to come alongside brands to bring their products, services, and missions to life through impactful design and compelling communications.  As a co-founding member of Joba, a design, marketing and communications studio, Robyn uses Joba as the vehicle to drive her belief that brands are meant to be experienced.


Virtual Event Details

Date: Thursday, March 26

Time: 8:00-9:00 a.m.

Location: Online

Cost: FREE, in light of this being a virtual webcast

After you complete your online registration by using the link below, the RBTC staff will be in touch closer to March 26 with information about how to access this online session. Thank you for participating virtually!

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