Our LinkedIn Roundtable Series is a free brownbag lunch series that will bridge both valleys, with gathering sites at Rackspace in Blacksburg and SyCom in Roanoke

Resource for all roundtables: The Sophisticated Marketer’s Guide to LinkedIn (http://bit.ly/1OAm7ps)


January 20: Increase Company Page Followers

Your company page is the ideal place to post relevant content, promote events, and drive leads to your website.
During our discussion, we will each share what is working well and learn from each other on how to increase company page followers.

Topics include:

– LinkedIn Advertising
-Other ways to drive traffic

Pre-viewing material:

-How to Get the Most out of LinkedIn Company Pages (http://bit.ly/1TgBAMs)

February 17: LinkedIn for Lead Generation (Get More Details)

LinkedIn is an amazing networking tool when used strategically. Learn from your peers and share your tips and tricks for generating quality prospects on LinkedIn.

Topics include:

  • Publishing content on Pulse
  • Group participation
  • Networking
  • How to reach out to a prospect without “selling”

Pre-viewing materials:

March 16: Using LinkedIn for Individual and Company Thought Leadership (Get More Details)

Combining what we discussed in increasing page followers and generating leads, we go deeper into developing individual and company thought leadership.

Topics include:

  • The Marketers Challenge – Getting company SMEs engaged (scientists, engineers, technicians, etc.)
  • Groups best practices – who engages and how
  • Creating your own LinkedIn Group

Pre-viewing materials:

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