Join us on June 28th for breakfast and a talk on Exceptional Women presented by Lynda McNutt Foster. Enjoy networking and a meal while learning more about working with or becoming exceptional women.

In the future, there will be no need for discussing differences in pay or the authority levels of men versus women in the workplace. Someday it will be pointless to compare the number of men and women who work certain types of jobs. It will not matter, because the research and data will be so commonly used, understood, and implemented, that the focus will be on how teams of people work with tools, like artificial intelligence, to create outstanding deliverables of products and services to their customers.

However, in today’s workplace there continues to be a significant difference in the types of jobs women and men hold, how much they get paid for those jobs, and the level of authority they have to make the most impactful decisions for the organizations they work for.  A great place to start improving the workplace is to analyze the “exceptional woman” at work, in order to follow the bright spots.  

Questions we will explore during this interactive session are:

• What does the current gender pay gap look like? Why does it still exist? Should it?
• What factors, like the words that are used in evaluations of women vs men, are contributing to the existing authority levels in organizations?
• What needs to change so that more women can hold leadership positions in our organizations and on our boards?
• How do you attract exceptional women to your organization and keep them?
• How can exceptional women help support others who want to become exceptional women or men at work?

 Do you have a question that you hope we will cover in this session?  Email us [info at rbtc dot tech] and let us know by June 20th and we’ll do our best to provide answers that could help you understand, identify, attract, and multiply the number of exceptional women in your organization.

Date: Thursday, June 28, 2018

Time: 7:15 – 9:00am

Location: Hotel Roanoke – Crystal Ballroom |110 Shenandoah Ave NW, Roanoke, VA 24016

Fee: $25.00 Member before 6/23/2018 | $35.00 between 6/24 – 6/27

$50.00 Future Member before 6/23/2018 | $60.00 between 6/24 – 6/27

$10.00 Student

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